The submissions of those with leave to appear at the Inquiry are available here.

Counsel assisting the Inquiry

Submissions dated 17 May 2019

Part 1:

Chapter 1: Introduction, task of the Judicial Officer, scope and summary of proceedings [PDF 258KB]

Chapter 2: The non-medical evidence at trial [PDF 377KB]

Chapter 3: The health of the children and Kathleen [PDF 193KB]

Part 2

Chapter 4: Genetics [PDF 254KB]

Chapter 5: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [PDF 203KB]

Chapter 6: Recurrence [PDF 224KB]

Part 3

Chapter 7: Medical evidence [PDF 532KB]

Chapter 8: Immunology [PDF 265KB]

Part 4

Chapter 9: Ms Folbigg's diary entries, and her possession and dispossession of the diaries [PDF 507KB]

Chapter 10: Evidence relevant to sentence - Ms Folbigg's mental state [PDF 281KB]

Part 5

Chapter 11: Concluding submissions [PDF 259KB]

Submissions dated 8 July 2019

Further submissions of counsel assisting the Inquiry [PDF 188KB]

Ms Folbigg

Submissions dated 7 June 2019

Part A - Legal submissions [PDF 640KB]

Part B - Genetics [PDF 347KB]

Part C - Caleb [PDF 297KB]

Part C - Patrick [PDF 288KB]

Part C - Sarah [PDF 233KB]

Part C - Laura [PDF 469KB]

Part D - SIDS and grief [PDF 883KB]

Part E - Coincidence [PDF 476KB]

Part F - Summary [PDF 154KB]

Submissions dated 12 July 2019

Further submissions of Ms Folbigg [PDF 82KB]

Dr Allan Cala

Submissions dated 14 June 2019 [PDF 2,943KB]

Professor John Hilton

Submissions dated 18 June 2019 [PDF 65KB]

Director of Public Prosecutions

Submissions dated 24 May 2019 [PDF 38,482KB]

Mr Craig Folbigg

Submissions dated 24 May 2019 [PDF 49KB]