The report of the Inquiry is available here [PDF 8,356KB]. Please download the report for bookmarked links to each chapter.

The report

Acknowledgements and front matter

Chapter 1: The Inquiry

Chapter 2: Overview of the Folbigg family

Chapter 3: The trial and appeal proceedings

Chapter 4: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and recurrence

Chapter 5: Medical evidence

Chapter 6: Immunology

Chapter 7: Genetics evidence

Chapter 8: The non-medical evidence including Ms Folbigg's diaries

Chapter 9: Conclusions on review of convictions

Chapter 10: Sentence



The annexures to the report contain the following:

Annexure A: The Direction

Annexure B: Advertisements

Annexure C: The experts at trial and in the Inquiry

Annexure D: Expert reports and statements to the Inquiry

Annexure E: List of exhibits tendered in the Inquiry

Annexure F: List of witnesses who gave evidence before the Inquiry

Annexure G: Glossary of medical terms