Exhibit List [PDF 461KB]

Direction Hearings

25 October 2018

12 December 2018

Exhibit C – Reports of Professor Stephen Cordner (undated, also exhibit Q) and Professor Michael Pollanen (dated 1 June 2015[PDF 5,892KB]

Exhibit D – Jhodie R Duncan and Roger W Byard (eds), SIDS - Sudden Infant and Early Childhood Death: The Past, the Present and the Future (University of Adelaide Press, 2018) [PDF 49,877KB]

Exhibit E - Exhibits tendered at 2003 trial [PDF 76,227KB]

11 February 2019

Amended Exhibit F - Complete set of transcripts of evidence given at 2003 trial [PDF 311,943KB]

Substantive Hearings

Phase 1: Evidence relevant to forensic pathology, SIDS/SUDI and immunology/infection

Day 1 – 18 March 2019

Exhibit G - Further set of documents from 2003 trial [PDF 2,773KB]

Exhibit H - Forensic pathology tender bundle [PDF 135,778KB]

Exhibit J - Report of Professor Rosemary Horne dated 10 February 2019 [PDF 1,369KB]

Exhibit K - Report of Professor Dawn Elder dated 15 February 2019 [PDF 5,432KB]

Day 2 – 19 March 2019

Exhibit L - Report of Professor Johan Duflou dated 13 February 2019 [PDF 1,685KB]

Exhibit M - Report of Dr Allan Cala dated 26 November 2018 [PDF 32,100 KB]

Exhibit N - Further report of Dr Allan Cala dated 13 February 2019 [PDF 1,247KB]

Exhibit O - Report of Professor John Hilton dated 22 January 2019 [PDF 7,568KB]

Exhibit P - Affidavit of Professor John Hilton dated 13 November 2018 [PDF 113KB]

Exhibit Q - Report of Professor Stephen Cordner (undated) [PDF 5,683KB]

Day 3 - 20 March 2019

Exhibit R - Letter from Professor Stephen Cordner to the Inquiry dated 8 March 2019 [PDF 6,061KB] 

Day 4 - 21 March 2019

Exhibit S - Section of Patrick's medical records [PDF 25,028KB]

Day 5 - 22 March 2019

Exhibit T - Report of Professor Cecelia Caroline Blackwell dated 5 March 2019 [PDF 3,943KB]

Exhibit U - Further report of Professor Cecelia Caroline Blackwell (undated) [PDF 401KB]

Exhibit V - Further report of Professor Cecelia Caroline Blackwell dated 13 March 2019 [PDF 913KB]

Exhibit W - Report of Professor Robert Clancy dated 13 March 2019 and Supplementary report dated 17 March 2019 [PDF 4,683KB]

Exhibit X - Statement of Professor William Rawlinson (undated) [PDF 908KB]

Phase 2: Evidence relevant to genetics and neurology


Schedule of corrections made to expert reports received by the Inquiry during phase two of substantive hearings [PDF 114KB]

Day 6 - 15 April 2019

Exhibit Y - Report of Professor Jonathan Skinner dated 31 March 2019 [PDF 5,927KB]

Amended Exhibit Z - Joint report of Sydney genetics team dated 29 March 2019 [PDF 17,816KB]

Exhibit AA - Report of Dr Alison Colley dated 26 November 2018 [PDF 6,276KB]

Exhibit AB - Report of Dr Michael Buckley dated 25 February 2018 [PDF 2,254KB]

Exhibit AC - Genetics tender bundle [PDF 75,749KB]

Exhibit AD - Funnel diagram of genomic variant filtering process for hypothesis-free WGS testing [PDF 159KB]

Day 7 - 16 April 2019

Exhibit AE - Pedigree of Kathleen Folbigg [PDF 106KB]

Amended Exhibit AF - Joint report of Canberra genetics team dated 29 March 2019 [PDF 8,655KB]

Exhibit AG - Report of Professor Carola Vinuesa dated 2 December 2018 [PDF 224KB]

Exhibit AH - ECG of Kathleen Folbigg dated 17 May 2011 [PDF 326KB]

Day 8 - 17 April 2019

Exhibit AJ - Report of Professor Monique Ryan dated 15 March 2019 [PDF 1,194KB]

Amended Exhibit AK - Report of Associate Professor Michael Fahey dated 30 March 2019 [PDF 8,416KB]

Exhibit AL - Neurology tender bundle (vol. 1) [PDF 157,290KB]

Exhibit AL - Neurology tender bundle (vol. 2) [PDF 178,989KB]

Exhibit AM - Seven expert reports from forensic pathologists of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine [PDF 21,790KB]

Exhibit AN - Index to literature referred to in tranche 1 of substantive hearings [PDF 226KB]

Exhibit AO - Policy Statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics, 'Distinguishing sudden infant death syndrome from child abuse fatalities' (2001) 107(2) Pediatrics 437 [PDF 5,702KB]

Exhibit AP - Summary of prosecution medical evidence concerning the deaths and ALTE [PDF 4,436KB]

Exhibit AQ - Crown chronology of deaths and the ALTE for each of the Folbigg children [PDF 3,368KB]

Exhibit AR - Summary of Crown coincidence evidence [PDF 429KB]

Exhibit AS - Written directions and list of questions to assist the jury [PDF 1,824KB]

Exhibit AT - Further report of Professor Robert Clancy dated 27 March 2019 [PDF 14,326KB]

Exhibit AU - Report of Professor Paul Goldwater dated 29 March 2019 [PDF 795 KB]

Exhibit AV - Report of Dr Kathryn Waddell-Smith dated 29 March 2019 [PDF 483KB]

Exhibit AW - Sydney gene list [XLS 64KB]

Exhibit AW - Canberra gene list [XLS 239KB]

Exhibit AX - Written response from Professor Kirk and Dr Buckley to joint expert report of Professor Vinuesa and Professor Cook [PDF 247KB]

Exhibit AY - Written response from Professor Vinuesa and Professor Cook to response from Professor Kirk and Dr Buckley [PDF 474KB]

Phase 3: Ms Folbigg's evidence about the diary entries

Day 9 - 29 April 2019

Exhibit AZ - Diaries tender bundle [PDF 75,239KB]

Day 11 - 1 May 2019

Exhibit BA - Redacted report of Dr Michael Diamond dated 16 April 2019 [PDF 1,853KB]

Exhibit BB - Report of Dr Bruce Westmore dated 16 June 2003 [PDF 3,722KB]

Exhibit BC - Report of Dr Yvonne Skinner dated 22 January 2003 [PDF 9,101KB]

Exhibit BD - Report of Dr Michael Giuffrida dated 27 August 2003 [PDF 17,682KB]

Exhibit BE - Abdulaziz Zorgani et al, 'Detection of pyrogenic toxins of Staphylococcus aureus in sudden infant death syndrome' (1999) 25 FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology 103 [PDF 208KB]

Exhibit BF - Index to literature referred to in tranche 2 of substantive hearings [PDF 144KB]

Exhibit BG - Statement of Craig Folbigg dated 19 April 2019 [PDF 594KB]

Exhibit BH - Raw test results of Kathleen Folbigg's exercise testing [PDF 3,813KB]

Exhibit BJ - Supplementary report of Professor Jonathan Skinner dated 24 April 2019 [PDF 285KB]

Exhibit BK - Letter from Professor Jonathan Skinner to the Inquiry dated 30 April 2019 [PDF 308KB]

Exhibit BL - Report of Associate Professor Hariharan Raju dated 18 April 2019 [PDF 148KB]

Exhibit BM - Report of Dr Drucker to Legal Aid including letter of instruction dated 18 February 2003 [PDF 388KB]

Exhibit BN - Diary entries of 24 May and 19 July 1989 [PDF 2,576KB]

Post hearings

Exhibit BO - Listening device transcripts [PDF 6,389KB]

Exhibit BP - Laura's blue book (22 August 1997 - 1 June 1998) [PDF 23,283KB]

Exhibit BQ - Statement of Detective Senior Constable Glen Ward dated 14 December 1999 [PDF 13,961KB]

Exhibit BR - Report of Dr Michael Giuffrida dated 10 May 2019 [PDF 26,985KB]

Exhibit BS - Statement of Detective Senior Constable Bernard Ryan dated 19 November 1999 [PDF 1,416KB]

Exhibit BT - Letter from Professor Peter Schwartz to Professor Carola Vinuesa dated 20 June 2019 [PDF 467KB]

Exhibit BU - Lia Crotti et al, 'Calmodulin Mutations and Life-Threatening Cardiac Arrhythmias: Insights from the International Calmoduinopathy Registry' (2019) European Heart Journal (advance) [PDF 1023KB]

Exhibit BV - Supplementary report of Professor Jonathan Skinner, Professor Edwin Kirk and Dr Michael Buckley dated 5 July 2019 [PDF 492KB]

Exhibit BW - Response from Professor Carola Vinuesa, Professor Matthew Cook, Professor Peter Schwartz, Professor Michael Overgaard and Dr Todor Arsov to supplementary report of Professor Jonathan Skinner, Professor Edwin Kirk and Dr Michael Buckley dated 11 July 2019 [PDF 353KB]

Exhibit BX - Crown notice of coincidence evidence dated 24 October 2002 [PDF 10,051KB]

Exhibit BY - Crown notice of tendency evidence dated 24 October 2002 [PDF 3747KB]

Exhibit BZ - Letter from Dr Christopher Seton to Dr David Sanders dated 30 April 1998 [PDF 393KB]

Exhibit CA - Letter from Dr Christopher Seton to Dr Quentin King dated 27 August 1997 [PDF 839KB]

Exhibit CB - Transcript of first meeting with expert geneticists dated 10 December 2018 [PDF 366KB]

Exhibit CC - Transcript of second meeting with expert geneticists dated 4 February 2019 [PDF 247KB]

Exhibit CD - Emails exchanged between Professor Jonathan Skinner and Professor Carola Vinuesa on 11 and 12 February 2019 [PDF 1,377KB]

Exhibit CE - Letter from Dr Allan Cala to Ms Jane Culver, ODPP, dated 19 March 2003 [PDF 1,300KB]