Exhibit List [PDF 220KB]

Direction Hearings

25 October 2018

12 December 2018

Exhibit C – Expert reports of Professor Stephen Cordner (undated, also exhibit Q) and Professor Michael Pollanen (dated 1 June 2015[PDF 5,892KB]

Exhibit D – Jhodie R Duncan and Roger W Byard (eds), SIDS - Sudden Infant and Early Childhood Death: The Past, the Present and the Future (University of Adelaide Press, 2018) [PDF 49,877KB]

Exhibit E - Exhibits tendered at 2003 trial [PDF 76,227KB]

11 February 2019

Amended Exhibit F - Complete set of transcripts of evidence given at 2003 trial [PDF 311,943KB]

Substantive Hearings

Phase 1: Evidence relevant to forensic pathology, SIDS/SUDI and immunology/infection

Day 1 – 18 March 2019

Exhibit G - Further set of documents from 2003 trial [PDF 2,773KB]

Exhibit H - Forensic Pathology Tender Bundle [PDF 135,778KB]

Exhibit J - Expert report of Professor Rosemary Horne dated 10 February 2019 [PDF 1,369KB]

Exhibit K - Expert Report of Professor Dawn Elder dated 15 February 2019 [PDF 5,432KB]

Day 2 – 19 March 2019

Exhibit L - Expert report of Professor Johan Duflou dated 13 February 2019 [PDF 1,685KB]

Exhibit M - Expert report of Dr Allan Cala dated 26 November 2018 [PDF 32,100 KB]

Exhibit N - Supplementary report of Dr Allan Cala dated 13 February 2019 [PDF 1,247KB]

Exhibit O - Expert report of Professor John Hilton dated 22 January 2019 [PDF 7,568KB]

Exhibit P - Affidavit of Professor John Hilton dated 13 November 2018 [PDF 113KB]

Exhibit Q - Expert report of Professor Stephen Cordner (undated) [PDF 5,683KB]

Day 3 - 20 March 2019

Exhibit R - Letter of Professor Stephen Cordner dated 8 March 2019 [PDF 6,061KB] 

Day 4 - 21 March 2019

Exhibit S - Section of Patrick's medical records [PDF 25,028KB]

Day 5 - 22 March 2019

Exhibit T - Expert report of Professor Cecelia Caroline Blackwell dated 5 March 2019 [PDF 3,943KB]

Exhibit U - Further expert report of Professor Cecelia Caroline Blackwell (undated) [PDF 401KB]

Exhibit V - Further expert report of Professor Cecelia Caroline Blackwell dated 13 March 2019 [PDF 913KB]

Exhibit W - Expert report of Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy dated 13 March 2019 and Supplementary expert report dated 17 March 2019 [PDF 4,683KB]

Exhibit X - Statement of Professor William Rawlinson (undated) [PDF 908KB]

Phase 2: Evidence relevant to genetics and neurology


Schedule of corrections made to expert reports received by the Inquiry during phase two of substantive hearings [PDF 114KB]

Day 6 - 15 April 2019

Exhibit Y - Expert report of Professor Jonathan Skinner dated 31 March 2019 [PDF 5,927KB]

Amended Exhibit Z - Joint report of Sydney genetics team dated 29 March 2019 [PDF 17,816KB]

Exhibit AA - Expert report of Dr Alison Colley dated 26 November 2018 [PDF 6,276KB]

Exhibit AB - Expert report of Dr Michael Buckley dated 25 February 2018 [PDF 2,254KB]

Exhibit AC - Genetics Tender Bundle [PDF 75,749KB]

Exhibit AD - Funnel diagram of genomic variant filtering process for hypothesis-free WGS testing [PDF 159KB]

Day 7 - 16 April 2019

Exhibit AE - Pedigree [PDF 106KB]

Amended Exhibit AF - Joint report of Canberra genetics team dated 29 March 2019 [PDF 8,655KB]

Exhibit AG - Report of Professor Carola Vinuesa dated 2 December 2018 [PDF 224KB]

Exhibit AH - ECG of Kathleen Folbigg dated 17 May 2011 [PDF 326KB]

Day 8 - 17 April 2019

Exhibit AJ - Expert report of Professor Monique Ryan dated 15 March 2019 [PDF 1,194KB]

Amended Exhibit AK - Report of Associate Professor Michael Fahey dated 30 March 2019 [PDF 8,416KB]

Exhibit AL - Neurology tender bundle (vol. 1) [PDF 157,290KB]

Exhibit AL - Neurology tender bundle (vol. 2) [PDF 178,989KB]

Exhibit AM - Seven expert reports from forensic pathologists of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine [PDF 21,790KB]

Exhibit AN - Index to literature referred to in tranche 1 of substantive hearings [PDF 226KB]

Exhibit AO - Policy Statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics, 'Distinguishing sudden infant death syndrome from child abuse fatalities' (2001) 107(2) Pediatrics 437 [PDF 5,702KB]

Exhibit AP - Summary of prosecution medical evidence concerning the deaths and ALTE [PDF 4,436KB]

Exhibit AQ - Crown chronology of deaths and the ALTE for each of the Folbigg children [PDF 3,368KB]

Exhibit AR - Notice of Crown coincidence evidence [PDF 429KB]

Exhibit AS - Written directions and list of questions to assist the jury [PDF 1,824KB]

Exhibit AT - Further expert report of Professor Robert Clancy dated 27 March 2019 [PDF 14,326KB]

Exhibit AU - Expert report of Professor Paul Goldwater dated 29 March 2019 [PDF 795 KB]

Exhibit AV - Expert report of Dr Kathryn Waddell-Smith dated 29 March 2019 [PDF 483KB]

Exhibit AW - Sydney gene list [XLS 64KB]

Exhibit AW - Canberra gene list [XLS 239KB]

Exhibit AX - Written response from Professor Kirk and Dr Buckley to joint expert report of Professor Vinuesa and Professor Cook [PDF 247KB]

Exhibit AY - Written response from Professor Vinuesa and Professor Cook to response from Professor Kirk and Dr Buckley [PDF 474KB]

Phase 3: Ms Folbigg's evidence about the diary entries

Day 9 - 29 April 2019

Exhibit AZ - Diaries tender bundle [PDF 75,239KB]

Day 11 - 1 May 2019

Exhibit BA - Redacted report of Dr Michael Diamond dated 16 April 2019 [PDF 1,853KB]

Exhibit BB - Report of Dr Bruce Westmore dated 16 June 2003 [PDF 3,722KB]

Exhibit BC - Report of Dr Yvonne Skinner dated 22 January 2003 [PDF 9,101KB]

Exhibit BD - Report of Dr Michael Giuffrida dated 27 August 2003 [PDF 17,682KB]

Exhibit BE - A Zorgani et al, 'Detection of pyrogenic toxins of Staphylococcus aureus in sudden infant death syndrome' (1999) 25 FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology 103 [PDF 208KB]

Exhibit BF - Index to literature referred to in tranche 2 of substantive hearings [PDF 144KB]

Exhibit BG - Statement of Craig Folbigg dated 19 April 2019 [PDF 594KB]

Exhibit BH - Raw test results of Kathleen Folbigg's exercise testing [PDF 3,813KB]

Exhibit BJ - Supplementary report of Professor Jonathan Skinner dated 24 April 2019 [PDF 285KB]

Exhibit BK - Letter from Professor Jonathan Skinner dated 30 April 2019 [PDF 308KB]

Exhibit BL - Letter from Associate Professor Hariharan Raju dated 18 April 2019 [PDF 148KB]

Exhibit BM - Letter from Dr Drucker to Legal Aid including letter of instruction dated 18 February 2003 [PDF 388KB]

Exhibit BN - Diary entries of 24 May and 19 July 1989 [PDF 2,576KB]

Post hearings

Exhibit BO - Listening device transcripts [PDF 6,389KB]

Exhibit BP - Laura's blue book (22 August 1997 - 1 June 1998) [PDF 23,283KB]

Exhibit BQ - Statement of Detective Senior Constable Glen Ward dated 14 December 1999 [PDF 13,961KB]

Exhibit BR - Report of Dr Michael Giuffrida dated 10 May 2019 [PDF 26,985KB]

Exhibit BS - Statement of Detective Senior Constable Bernard Ryan dated 19 November 1999 [PDF 1,416KB]